Open Source at Analyte Media

In addition to providing internet-enabled healthcare, Analyte Media supports the use and growth of open source technologies.

From the start, we've built our company using open source tools like Python, Django, Ubuntu, MySQL, Apache,, and countless other free and open source technologies. Open source has also enabled us to easily grow - switching to Nginx and Tornado for serving our sites has saved us from adding new hardware.

But being a part of the open source community isn't just about using open source tech, it's also about contributing in return. As time goes on, we'll be releasing libraries we think might be useful to the community. We'll be detailing our adventures with bits on a blog including detailed examples and insights, contributing patches back to tools we utilize daily, and working with like-minded individuals and groups to promote the open source community.

If you use something, use it from everyone. If you fix something, fix it for everyone. If you build something, build it for everyone.

There are a handful of Python implementations of the AIM API out there already, but we wrote our own. Why? Well honestly when we wrote it we didn't find any of the ones that already exist. Maybe we're just really bad at using Google, but it's the truth. Regardless, we like it because it's under 300 lines of code and extremely easy to use and modify.